MAST Interactive Exhibits

Interactive dance floor bling



A series of interactive exhibits for MAST, a new cultural and philanthropic institution that focuses on art, technology and innovation, established by industrial solutions group Coesia in Bologna, Italy.

AllofUs were asked to create three exhibits for the Industrial Focus Area to explore innovations in electro-mechanical engineering and motion.

I acted as Technology Director for the first two exhibits, “Move It” and “Wrap It”. “Move It” allows visitors to design different gears through multitouch and physical object recognition. “Wrap It” is a multiplayer game in which players must react to market demand and modify machinery to produce the correct sweet wrappings.

Move It consists of 12 MultiTaction screens which provide multitouch and 2D marker tracking. The whole experience is delivered via browser experience running in kiosk mode, with marker tracking integration via node.js and OSC. Physical objects are positioned over gameplay areas and twisted to produce different gear types. It’s a rich visual experience with full screen cinematic transitions and animation sequences that pushed browser-based development to the limit.

Wrap It features 5 gameplay stations delivered via a rich, browser-based experience. These stations are physically connected to a huge conveyor belt which link the players and their factories to a large projection depicting market demand and status.

The whole multiplayer experience works in realtime using node.js and to connect browsers with openFrameworks to produce a large and immersive visual experience.

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