Diesel Shanghai Fashion Week

Interactive video installations and live catwalk show for Diesel at Shanghai Fashion week



Working with the lovely Hellicar & Lewis to create a popup museum and live fashion show for Diesel at Shanghai Fashion week 2015. I acted as Technical Director and developed six interactive installations and a live AV show.

The site was designed and built specifically for the event. It featured 25 projectors in total, all mapped to bespoke webbed screens. Six of these displayed interactive installations developed by me. Each captured HD video using Go Pro Hero 4 cameras and featured various realtime effects that responded to motion in the museum space. The aesthetics were centred around a cinematographic technique known as slit-scan, camo, and glitch.

The primary space featured six projections and a large LED wall that displayed my audio responsive generative visuals and live video with realtime effects during the fashion show. I used an OSC-based remote control to remix and switch between the effects live on the night of the show. Audio analysis was done using FFT and used live video textures to create abstract patterns within the effects.

I used GLSL shaders to create chromatic offset/aberration effects and for video slicing/glitch effects. The software is also configurable to use the audio input as a delay map for the slit-scan effect, resulting in an interesting sound-to-time relationship within the video.

Everything ran in realtime with HD video and was developed using openFramewworks. I used Kyle McDonald’s updated Black Magic addon which ran like a dream with no lag, and the excellent ofxRemoteUI for remote software configuration and live remixing.

We ran some early tests in a warehouse in Hackney:

And I had the chance to play around with the slit scan effect at the venue in Shanghai during the install:

More images of the development process can be found on flickr.

project image project image project image project image project image